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I am a very passionate person with a hunger for taking things and making them as creative as possible. I LOVE sharing what ideas and visions I have in my head to the world.. My photos are not just photos they are a window into how I portray the world. :: If you would like to contact me about anything photo related I'd love to hear from you.

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Sports: Innisfil hockey tournament.

This past weekend I had the chance to drive up to Innisfil with Barry Springle , owner of DSP ( Digital Sports Photography). I had a blast getting to know Barry and asking him a thousand questions. Early mornings were accompanied with a monster coffee and breakfast sandwich as most early mornings require. DSP has one of the nicest set-ups for on loacation printing and viewing. It was a good time shooting and putting up the shots from the game before the parents even have a chance to leave the stands... Barry and I would trade off so that there was always someone at the table. I went into this tournament blind, shooting with unfamiliar gear. We used a Canon 1D with a f2.8 Canon 300mm attached to a Monopod.... WHAT A MASSIVE LENSE!!

All in all the weekend was filled with learning, laughter, and even conversations with the owner of a scuzzy rundown motel about Battlestar Galactica... which we didnt ask him to bring up..lol.

For More of Barry's Work and DSP visit http://www.dsphotography.ca



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