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I am a very passionate person with a hunger for taking things and making them as creative as possible. I LOVE sharing what ideas and visions I have in my head to the world.. My photos are not just photos they are a window into how I portray the world. :: If you would like to contact me about anything photo related I'd love to hear from you.

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Wedding: Christy & Dan Muir

These are from a wedding that Joel Smith and I did back in October. The wedding was great and it was a perfect october weekend with all the fall colouring, Joel had asked me to second shoot for him which was my first time ever shooting a wedding... I was a bit nervous but I think it went really well and Joel was very pleased with how my shots turned out... Joel was a great teacher and really took to helping me and showing me a ton of stuff to make things easier for me. He really made the nervousness go away.

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