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I am a very passionate person with a hunger for taking things and making them as creative as possible. I LOVE sharing what ideas and visions I have in my head to the world.. My photos are not just photos they are a window into how I portray the world. :: If you would like to contact me about anything photo related I'd love to hear from you.

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Wedding: Gina & Glenn

Rick had asked me if i could assist and second shoot for him on this wedding, the day was perfect. I made my way over to Glenn and the guys place while Rick went to Storm with the girls. After all that we met up at the church for the ceremony. After the ceremony we went down to the Ft.Erie waterfront in which i jumped in the FREEZING water to make sure Rick was getting good lighting... im glad it helped and im glad it put a smile on everyones face. Rick and I went to a really awesome train bridge after and all in all, the day was great.

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Just want to thank Rick for teaching me as much as he did, I had a great time and really look up to your work.. looking forward to working with you in the future.

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